Migrate User data from On Premise to Cloud


I am migrating application from On premise to AWS. 

But I could not restore the User data from Users module from On premise to Cloud. 

Can someone help me with that?

Rahul Sahu wrote:

Hi Sai Ravali,

please follow this link once


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the response. 

I tried using Refactor, but just wanted to know if there is any other way to do it instead of using the forge component.


Hi Sai,

There are different ways to do that depends upon what you want to do ..if you have small data like data for your master entities you can simply export that into excel files and upload it to the cloud environment by writing your own code.

If you have large data you than you can migrate your entire data using the below link. In your case you may need to contact outsystems as your environment are not in same network.