Update page webblock/section from externally

Hi All,

i am having one situation, here the flow of work,

1) User invoke export data, it will connect External database using Webserivces, and return dataset and i am exporting to excel.

2) Now export data is huge, return dataset will take more than 15min, so what i am doing is , from UI i just call the service and it stops, all the process doing in DB directly(oracle jobs) and just returning data once its completed, and i am storing in local OS Entities, 

3) What i need is once i got data locally, how can i notify my page automatically to say that data is ready, or trigger some event to enable download button.

can anyone help.



Hi Balu,

You can't do much more than periodically (via JavaScript) refresh the page, or click some hidden button that then does an Ajax Refresh.

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your response, when i call the service i dont have the control for the response, and user is free to go page, and when he come back again if ts ready then its good, else he stay page for some more time get see the response, so i will need to catch the response some how.

Calling ajax request in background to check for the status of table to get the data, will be some performance issue i belive.

This is the only way to solve this situation?

I'm not sure what performance issue you think there is? You have to check the data to see if it's ready, one way or the other.

i am telling performance is, call ajax in background will be many calls to server, but i will try this logic.

You only need to do a single call once every 10 or 20 seconds or so. That will not be noticeable at all!

ok i will try this solution, Thanks Kilian