[Facebook Login Plugin] Error 4201

Forge Component
Published on 1 Oct by Experts
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Published on 1 Oct by Experts

The Login in the FacebookLogin action is returning error 4201 ('User cancelled dialog'), either when already logged in via another app (ie facebook itself) or when logged out before starting the login.

Tried with FLSample on OutSystems 11

Has someone more encountered this error?


Rob Poels, 

Thanks for your time reporting the issue. 

I've just tested FLSample and another application that I have to test the login and it works. Can you please confirm that you are using the right appid, secret and hash keys? Also, can you test without the Facebook native app installed and check if you are able to login? 



After reconfiguring the app and assigning the new Id and keys it works. Must have been a mismatch with a key or Id.