How to display the photo in CKEditor .

Hello All ,

My question is concerning with the CKEditor Forge , both for mobile and web.

I am creating the same app in mobile and web, the app has two screens .  

First screen has table record list and second screen is the detail screen.

Q1. The photo does not display in the detail screen.All the record lists do not have the photo data. The data got by importing excel . Is there good idea to display the photo in ck editor?

Q2. After editing the data(text) in second screen then save, it appears <p> and </p> in start and end of the text. please see the attached photo.

*There is no answer in forge component team, so i about to ask here.

Thanks your time and kindness.

Hi EiMon WinAung,

As i saw CKEditor has by default paragraph format "normal" and its bind p tag in this thats why <p></p> tag bind in your inputs.if you change this format according to this bind in inputs text.

for this solution you can use  regex replace.

also see this-