Start action without any botton


I would like to display two variables values on screen, when user enter to the screen, without any botton. How is it  possible?
I read that, this is accomplished with preparation action, but it has not the Ajax widget, to update the expression.

I'm intending to count how many element are in the table with a filter in aggregate. I'm doing this:

Am I doing right?

Hello, Jhon!

In the Screen Preparation there is no necessity to have a Ajax Widget, because the Preparation is executed before the screen loading.
Therefore, when the screen is loaded, everything that is in your preparation alredy was loaded.

Regarding your intention to count how many elements are in the table, you can use the Count return of the Agregate like this sample:

Just sign it at your variable...

I hope I helped you!

Hi Santos,

About Ajax is clear.
I don't want to count total elements in the table. My intention is to count how many elements have, for example attribute: blue eyes.
Can I do, the way I send yhe pick?

My doubt here is that, if the aggregate do not find the element with that attribute it will increment my variable, each time it iterates, but that's not the goal.

The aggregate isn't filtered by the attribute you want? (by blue eyes for example...)

If it isn't, can you show the aggregate structure?