Hello!! All the environments of this client that has front-ends are presenting communication errors with the RabbitMQ that is allocated in the controller machine. On the platform I found no errors about this but in the windows logs we have the ones specified in the attached documents. We have already tried restarting the services and machines but the problem persists, including the configuration tools connection test is successful.

Hi João,

I would say that maybe it's better for you to contact the Support.

But from previous experience, it's possible that you need to open ports and check firewall definitions in other for the other servers communicate with the one that as the RabbitMQ.

Please also check this documentation:

Here and here.

Hello João,

Did you manage to solve the issue? We have exactly the same problem, everything is working on the deployment controller, but not on the other front-ends, but the test on the configuration tool is always successful.

I'm planning on submitting this to support, but if you already have some tips, that would be appreciated :) 


Just  posting the solution to our case, in case it might help others with the same issue. 

When we first installed the platform, when configuring the deployment controller we left the value localhost for the host of the RabbitMQ service. For the other front-ends, we put the IP of the deployment controller. With this setup, the test button on the configuration tool worked, but we were getting errors from time to time on service center and on the event viewer of the front ends.

The solution was to put the IP also on deployment controller, so that all the servers had exactly the same. 

Also we found that after changing the configuration of the cache, you need to make a full factory publish in order for it to be effective in all modules.

I hope this helps anyone with similar issues.

Best Regards,

Bruno Lourenço