I have created two variables: DataPointList and Datapoint (data type too). The problem is: the firts chart is right, but when I ask for other chart with different values it displays previous. I debugged and it really contains last data.
So how can I clean that variables?
Thank you.

Hi John,

Can you upload a sample? At the very least a screenshot of your variables and definitions will help. There are different ways depending on how you have things set up.



Hi Levine,

I have these variables:

Have this loop:

The assign is like that:

This action is performed when I click the button. So at first time, the chart is ok, but when I click again, with other input, there should have new data, that will be added again to ListAppend, so make chart acording to new data, but it do not make that chart, but the previous, that mean the data is maintained from previous click button.
Here I have another question, since they are local variables, they do not lose values after the action performance, and when I click again, it should have default values?
Thank You.

If you want to clear the list, then you can use the List Clear action. That will wipe things out.  As for whether they lose their values or not, it depends on what you do. If you navigate to the page causing a complete refresh, then yes. If you do an ajax refresh or some other action, then no.

Hi Levine,

Thank you for your help.