Hi Guys, hope doing great!

I'm recently started to use Web Blocks to hold all combo boxes I use for filtering data within my application but I'm not being able to ajax refresh any parent's table records this way. I saw that there are events on mobile development but this one is not mobile..

Is there a way for a web block to trigger a ajax refresh on parent's page?


Hi Vinicius,

Are you working in version 11? In version 11 you events on the webblocks. When you had those webblocks to to a page you need to link those events with a screen action. On that screen action you can refresh what you want. On the webblock when you want to refresh the parent just trigger the event. 

If you are not using version 11 you just need to do the same but instead of using events use notify.



Hi Marcelo,

No, I'm not using version 11, it's version 10.. Tks for the tip, I'll try to understand how to use notify for that. Any suggestions where I can get some insights?


Hi Marcelo, please disregard. I noticed that I was missing the Notify dependency.. I was able to create the proper action now!!

Tks again for all your help!