Editable table - one column doesn't revert if cancelled

platform version: 10.0.1007.0 (on-premises)

I understand when a user clicks on a row in an editable table, they are given the option to either save the changes, discard the changes, or delete the row. The developer can also associate methods with the save and delete buttons using the 'On Row Save' and 'On Row Delete' events. However, my question is related to the discard button.  

I had an editable table with 4 columns (combobox, text, combobox, text). When a user modified the values on the row, and then clicked the discard button, all of the values in the row would revert to their original values. However, I added a fifth column (checkbox), and now when I click the discard button, the original 4 values still revert as expected, but the checkbox does not.

Can anyone give me any insights on why this is happening and give advice on how to make the value in the checkbox also revert when discard is clicked.

Thanks in advance.

If you leave the page and come back, does the modified checkbox still have the changed value? Or does it revert?

Have you looked at the underlying data to see if the modified value has been saved to the database?

Can you provide a small OML that reproduces the issue?

Scenario 1: The user modifies the checkbox and clicks cancel, then leaves the page and comes back. The value of the checkbox reverts to the original value. The row is not being saved to the database.

Scenario 2: The user modifies the check box, clicks cancel, then modifies a different column in the same row and clicks save, then leaves the page and comes back. Both columns will display the modified values. The row is being saved to the database.

I have attached a very simple demo. It doesn't save results to the database, it is only intended to demonstrate the unexpected cancel functionality with the checkbox. To reproduce the error/bug, create a new row in the table. Then edit both columns and click cancel. The checkbox will not revert to its original value, but the text input will.


I spoke with an outsystems representative who confirmed that this is a bug in their platform. A bug request has now been submitted for it.