onclick event to store some local variables in sessionvariables

hi there,

i want to store some data from the 'Rezervari' form into session variables. I thought that I will manage it with the <onclick> event, but it ain't working.

So on the left-hand side i have the 'Rezervari' form, 

right-hand side is a Table Record, containing empty rooms(+floor and orientation) between DataStart and DataStop, that gets populated from the database clicking a button, that's not visible here.

What i want is, when I click on a row(or the room number) from the TableRecord, the room number, DataStart and DataStop to be saved in session variables, so i can use them after 3 other steps, to save a new reservation.


for variuos reasons, pictures didn't get uploaded.  here they are



If you are executing a Screen Action when clicking the Room Number, you can do this in the action using an assignment.

If you are doing nothing at all, you can create an action and a link around the Room Number in order to be able to store this information.

If you are navigating away of this screen (you have a link with navigate), you can change the link to open a screen action, save the session variables and then end the action with a Destination or External URL to navigate to the site.

On the other hand, you could just associate the inputs that are storing those DataStart and DataStop values to be associated with Session Variables. If the session variables are not being updated on leaving the page with a navigate, you can use the OnChange of those inputs to call a screen action (empty) just to force them to be updated before leaving.