[Trigger Pipeline] Cannot install in Lifetime?

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Published on 2019-12-18 by Rui Mendes
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Published on 2019-12-18 by Rui Mendes


I've tried installing this component in our Lifetime environment but get the following error:

"You are trying to Upload or Publish a Solution that was created in a Platform Server with a different License than Platform Server and its Intellectual Property is Protected.
You cannot Upload or Publish Solutions with Protected Intellectual Property that were created in Platform Servers with a License different than the Platform Server one."

We're running OS10.1.0.1005 in LT on a .NET stack.


Hello Dan,

Just to eliminate this possibility, you download the version for platform 10, right?


Yup, downloaded the v10 version!


Do you installed the LifeTimeSDK in the environment?

Have you followed these instructions?

Deploying your plugins to production

Deploying a LifeTime plugin to production is different than regular applications deployment, since the environment to where you will deploy is the LifeTime environment, and not the applications production environment.

Since you cannot use LifeTime to deploy your plugin to the LifeTime environment, you must use Service Center application packs (.oap) or solution packs (.osp) to do the final deploy:

  1. Go to the Service Center console of your plugin development environment (or QA environment, if you have one).
  2. If your LifeTime plugin does not have external dependencies, go to your LifeTime plugin Application page and download the application pack (.oap). Otherwise, create a Solution for your plugin including all external dependencies, and download the new Solution version you created (.osp). You can also opt to use Solutions for easily handle versioning.
  3. Go to the Service Center console of your LifeTime environment. Upload and publish the Application or Solution downloaded in the previous step.

The permissions to deploy to the environments managed by LifeTime is configured in LifeTime. However, since LifeTime environment is not managed by itself, you need to configure the deployment permissions using the Service Center console of LifeTime environment.


Yes, LifeTime SDK is installed. I'm attempting to upload and publish the Trigger.Pipline-1.0.0_O10.oap file into <enterpriseLifetimeUrl>/ServiceCenter as per the documentation.

Is there anything else I should look out for?



A few times the message can be misleading.
Did you set the rights for your user?

Outside this, I am out of ideas. 

We are talking about this with OutSystems, anyway.

Yeah, I've installed LifeTime solutions and applications before - we have Trusted Advisor for example.

No problem, I'll keep an eye on this thread if you find anything? Thanks!


Hi Dan,

Can you check if the latest 010 version (1.0.1) fixes the reported issue? 



Perfect, thanks @Rui Mendes - all installed!

Hi Rui,

Just for curiosity, what was the problem?