Usage Google Login and Firebase Mobile together not wokrs

Hi I have problem with integrating the Google login and Firebase Mobile (push notifications)

Generating APK with latest MABS (5.0)


cordova-plugin-googleplus#7.0.2 for google Login


firebase mobile espace uses cordova-plugin-firebase#1.6

APK is compiled and installed to mobile but:

- google login not works (push notification works)

What I tried:

- use google login without Firebase Mobile - works

- use Firebase Mobile without Google Login - work

But only firebase when they are in APK together

when I connect to mobile chrome remotely and check the cordoba_plugins.js i see this:


"cordova-plugin-firebase": "0.2.0", <- strange - it should be 1.6 (as defined in Firebase Mobile) not 0.2.0
 "cordova-plugin-googleplus": "7.0.2"

Could somebody help me how to fix it. The customer can't use application and waits for solution from us

Thank you for help

PS: I tested it on iOS also. And everything work as before.

What version of OutSystems platform and Service Studio are you using?

What does "google login not works" mean? Are you getting an error message? Or simply not able to login?

Did this combination of plugins ever work for Android? If so, what changed?

You may need to clone the firebase module to update the cordova plugin version, if it's not up-to-date.

I am attaching the OML only with necessary logic to test google login with firebase push notif.


PushNotifTestMobile_v47-with Firebase but google not work.oml -  contains google login and firebase login and google plugin stucks on GoogleLogin Client Action. Push notif works correctly, when I log in with normal login (not over google) 

PushNotifTestMobile_v48-no Firebase.oml - deleted reference and login to Firebase push notif. At least shows google dialog for selection google account (so works).

Our customer have mobile app where google login and push notif (firebase) was working. Cca 2 w agou I have had problem with compilation of APK (see me post at: after that I Google login does not works as I described above. Interesting is that there is not problem on iOS at all with customer mobile app.

Let me know if you need more info.

After investigation: 

I have simple working application with Google Login (PushNotifTestMobile_v48-no Firebase.oml). Login works correctly.

I've added reference to firebasemobile module (actual version) - no logic only referencing the module -> application login stuck on GoogleLogin (see bitmap) operation.