[Firebase Mobile] Re: Notifications getting from Fire base rather than pushwoosh.

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Published on 6 Jan (3 weeks ago) by David Sousa
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Published on 6 Jan (3 weeks ago) by David Sousa


We are getting Notifications from Fire base rather than Pushwoosh even not used the fire base method/block, sending Notifications from pushwoosh console.

We are using Fire base for analytics , Pushwoosh for notifications in the app.


1) Integrated Pushwoosh Plugin in the application and implemented pushwoosh block to get notifications from pushwoosh. Everything is working as expected 

2) Integrated Firebase Mobile Plugin to the application and imported two methods (analytics -> LogEvent, SetAnalyticsCollectionEnabled).

Now sending Notifications from pushwoosh console, getting Notifications  to Android from FIrebase, and getting Notifications  to iOS from pushwoosh (pushwoosh block called in iOS).

The issue is, we should get Notification from Pushwoosh rather than from Firebase in Android as well.

Can you please help me out to solve the issue.

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How can I use Firebase Mobile only for analytics not for Notifications. 

How can I stop Notifications from Firebase using this plugin.

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Hey Rajesh,

This plugin supports Firebase push notifications. Why won't you use FCM instead of Pushwoosh?