Error creating Email. No EmailId was returned.


Our team is encountering problems with sending email. This is actually the first time we've encountered this error. (Please see screenshot below).

How do I resolve this kind of issue? The weird part is this is working in our test environment but not in development environment. I've checked the email configurations of both environments and they're the same. Any advice on how to fix this?



There should be something more in one of the logs that gives you an idea why it failed to create the email in the first place. Just from what I can see, it looks like its trying to send an email that doesn't exist.  

But the code is the same? I mean this is working in our test environment but not during development and production.

Hi Gladys

Did you get a resolution on this issue?  I have just upgrade from PS 10 to PS11 and I am getting the same issue...

Ran across this issue, somewhere somehow a metatag was being added to the page that was being rendered to create the email. Out with the metatag and voila.

I ran into this error only to discover that I had entered an invalid Default Sender Email in the OS Email configuration screen.  Entering a properly formatted email address in the form fixed the issue.  Hope this is helpful to someone.