Outsystems Now does not list my app

I am going through the mobile tutorial path. I downloaded the Outsystems Now app on my Android 9.

When i scanned the QR code using my phone, i can login properly but i cannot find the ToDo app in the list of apps.

The only apps available to me in Outsystems Now are

  1. App Feedback
  2. Camera Plugin
  3. Common Plugin
  4. Embedded Process Automation (what is this? i cannot see this in my Service Studio at all)
  5. OSMDb
  6. Silk UI Web
  7. Users
  8. Webhooks Producer
  9. Webhooks Producer -Demo

Item 8 and 9 are the plugins i tried from the forge. There is no ToDo app at all.

How can I force it to appear?

Go to <yoururl>/OutSystemsNowService  and enable the app by toggling the button on the right side.


You also need to ensure that you have a Module set as Home and that module as a default entry point.

Hey Stacey and Nuno

Thank you for attempting to assist me. 

@Stacey, i didn't know there is such url. I attached the screenshot and you can see that it is not in list but it is in my service studio.

@Nuno, yes it has been set as home. If it is not, service studio will throw an error to inform me.

Oh man, I'm still stuck.