call a confirmation box/pop up box after a certain conditions?

Hi Experts,

can i implement to call a confirmation box/pop up box when it meet the certain conditions using if widgets?


Hi jay,

As per my knowledge, you can invoke popup/confirmation box on certain action like a button click.

Can please elaborate more about your problem.

Hi Jay,

Yes you can call the confirmation box and Popup on particular condition

For the confirmation box, on the button and the link you can find the Confirmation Message option

It will open the express editor where you can give the condition.

hope this will helps you.



Hi Jay,

Just to add one more point. You can also use a modal to create your own confirmation box if you need to stop flow of a screen action and take some user input (Eg: Append / Overwrite) for further processing.




I used widget_click to show the webscreen.

Thanks for your input.