The following error appears and LifeTimeServer can not be opened.

[error contents]

LifeTime version is incompatible with Platform Server.

Make sure you followed all the required steps from the Installation Checklist to update LifeTime.
LifeTime version: Release Feb.2019 (11.0.307.0)
Platform Server version:


The above error message says "due to version differences".
Curiously, I did not get this error when I first accessed LifeTime.

However, if you log out once, the above error appears and you can not access.

Apparently, if you keep logged in with administrator privileges, you probably can access.

[Supplementary information]

·There are no issues such as platform updates.

·Access to individual environments is possible through the Service Center.

Please tell me if you know.

Thank you.

Hi Rio,

According to the above error stated, you need to update your platform server to a higher version.

Please go through the below link:

Hope this will help you