disable a specific button inside a specific cell in a table


I would like to ask how to disable a specific button inside a specific cell in a table?

Scenario should be:

When I click the 2nd row's In button, it will change to what time it was clicked at Sign In Time column (already done. see row #1) and it will not be clickable anymore (<-- my problem)

SignIn and SignOut is linked to a Static Entity "Status"

ID 1 = SignedIn

ID 2 = SignedOut

ID 3 = NotYetSignedIn

Thank you in advance


Hi Mark,

I'll assume you have some entity ClockRecord that has 4 attributes: Id, SignInTime, SignOutTime and StatusId; and that the "In" button has its Name property set to SignInButton.

You will need to set your SignInButton button's Enabled property to ClockRecord.StatusId = Entities.Status.NotYetSignedIn

If your buttons are using method Submit, that's it.

If you are using method Ajax Submit, then on the action that gets executed when you click the SignInButton, not only do you change the ClockRecord.StatusId but you also need to Ajax Refresh the SignInButton.

Hope this helps! 


Thank you very much. It works