[Multiple File Upload] MultipleFileUpload - How to clear upload cache

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Published on 26 Jun by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 26 Jun by Remco Dekkinga

Hi. I successfully implemented this component in my own application as a means to upload files when creating a new record of a certain entity. However, everytime i refresh the page or create a new record, the upload cache remains intact, i.e., the files uploaded previously remain there when it should be cleared.

Hello i aa not sure if you are doing this right.

When you use the upload cache you should only use that as a temporary place to save the uploaded files when you save you should save that files to your own entity.

And when using the multi upload dont forget to use a guid action (in preparation of the screen) so the cache only returns the files you uploaded in that time and not all files saved in the cache

Now the multi upload have a timer to remove the old cached files so you do not need to but if you still need to do that then the entity that save the files is called uploadCache in the model MultipleFileUpload (just ref it and delete what you need).

EDIT: MultipleFileUpload has a timer that remove all cached files all 20 minutes. And you can change that in service center. site Property- ValidSessionTime