SOAPHeader - The server cannot find the security header for a Web service with no act

I need to consume a SOAP service with SOAPHeader in Outsystems and I'm getting the message below:

        "CWWSS5525E: The server can not find the security header for a non-actor Web service."

I found just this page explaining about it, but I didnt know do worked. Could you help me?

Hi Rodrigo,

Before invoking your consumed service, you'd need to invoke SetWebReferenceSoapHeaders and use a List of your Headers, plus the name of the Web Reference (in this example, the Web Reference is Calculator):

Note that the EnhancedWebReferences API is deprecated for OS11, and if that's the case for you, you should be looking at this instead:

Hi Afonso, thank you for pay attention!

I added the SetWebReferenceSoapHeaders before cosume webservice, look to the attachment.

I'm using version 10.

Did you validate that the SOAPHeaderList has the header that you created? Do you still get the same error?