Hi guys:

I use a carousel on outsystems 10, web project.

For context:

I have a carousel, with a listRecord inside. The ListRecords iterate a webblock, this webblock, have a button, when the button it's clicked, change de button for a blue circle.

For this, i need to refresh de container with de carousel. When i refresh de carousel, back to the first page.
So, if i click the third item on carousel, when i refresh, back to the first page. So, visualy it's bad, because it's needed navigate again to the select item for know if it's active or not.

So, I need that when an item is selected, after resfreh the carousel it returns to the same selected item and not to the first one.

The carousel in silkuimobile generates an event that allows to control this, but in web it does not.

Any ideas?

Might be helpful if you could include a simple repro as an OML, so folks who have OS 10 can see specifically what you're doing in the button click action, and how you're refreshing the carousel items.

Hi all,

I am with the same problem using Carousel in Silk UI.

I need to refresh a list that is inside the carousel (the carousel items) , but these two situations are occurring

  • If I update only the list, the content of the carousel is not refreshed for some reason.
  • If I am on the second page of the carousel and refresh the entire carousel, the items on the second page will only appear.

Any suggestions for solving this problem? 

Best regards,


Really need to know this too, if anyone could help I'd appreciate it!