How do I insert a record directly in an event without using a form?

Hi, coming from a Visual Studio C# background, my biggest frustration is not finding how to do simple things.

In this case, I just need to add / update records to a data table which is used as internal app settings.
But that seems to be impossible without creating a form (which I don't want to do).

I just need to insert a record that has a description and an integer value. Can this be done?

You must to use a Server Action called ListAppend to add the record to your DataTable list record.

Drag a Run Server Action to you flow, search for ListAppend, select your List and the value that you want do add.

If you want to use some values for a app settings, you can use the Site Properties on the Data Tab and verify the Site.propertie_name value on your flow, but is not recommended alter their values on runtime.