I tried following this thread in order to get a container to show/hide on button click. It's not working. When I click the button I see the progress bar at the top of the page momentarily, and then nothing happens. The container (and the container content) is still invisible. I've made the whole thing pretty much identical to the .oml from the thread, and it's still not working.

Could that have something to do with it having been written in OS 10? What could be the culprit? I've tried moving the button around, creating extra containers and played with display properties, but to no avail.


Hi outsystems_account1111 ,

You are refreshing ShowNav which is If_Else Condtion Name ,

refresh container Like StaticContainer-

Find below screenshot-

Hope this will help u


Rahul Sahu



Try this:

Change the display of the container, and change the refresh for the container.

Best Regards,

Frederico Fernandes