Unable to connect to Users

Hi everyone !

Me and my team are facing a problem : 

We can't login in the https://my_environnement.outsystemscloud.com/Users/Login.aspx using the same credentials as in Service Studio or Service Center. Even with admin/admin credentials.

I am on my personnal environnement and using the version 11.0.501.0 of OutSystems.

yesterday i faced an issue and couldnt access the /Users page because of miss-configured integrated authentification and i resetted everything to default value in the User eSpaces.

Maybe my problem is linked to this issue i resolved

If anyone can help me ! 


Hi Lucas,

Service Studio, Service Center and Lifetime share credentials, but Users is a user application, and therefore does not share those credentials (or even the same users). If you still have access to Service Studio, you could write a simple app that creates a user with a known password, and give that user the right Role to access the Users Module.

Thanks i'll try that

I remember logging in before having that problem with the same credentials as Service studio because i needed to use integrated authentification.

I have another personnal environnement and i can connect to user with the basic credentials (same as service studio) unlike with the team account.

The first time i connected to users was with those basic credentials.

This is so weird.