i developing a web app. there is a 4 input . when i given the data in all in put ,it save in table which is given bellow.

i am facing some issues, these are...

1. When i refresh the browser, previous data is automatic  added to the table as shown picture no.3.

2. When i click enter button with one input widget blank then all inputs is displace as in picture 1.

3. I want  add 2 buttons(Edit button ,delete button) in all record in every row  as in picture2 .

4. After the click enter button all inputs widgets not refresh

how to do these all . please help me.

Hi Harish,

I think you have an issue with default button because default button works on enter
So add one button with type ajax refresh and action attached with this should contain only start and end node nothing else and wrap it with container with display false and mark this button as default.
Now I think your other button will work fine

To refresh something you have 2 ways:

1 - your action is of type submit and all the screeen will be refreshed (preparation will run again)

2- You action is of time ajax submit and you need an widget called ajax refresh inside the action. The ajax refresh need the id of one of you containers or tables on the screen and will refresh everything inside of it.  To be able to select a container in the ajax refresh you need to give it a name.

To test out you should encapsulate everything in a container and call it "main" and call that in ajax refresh or you can just call the table it self since it seems u need to update some data in the table.


i am doing the same as you explane above. but it is not working. 

Hi Harish,

If you still require help with this could you upload an oml of your project so we can take a look at the code?

Kind regards,