Hi All,

I was not using my personal environment for a while , so it went into sleep mode.But after waking it up,I am not able to access it using service studio or the application url .

Can anyone help me ?


Hi Pranav,

"Not able to access" can mean a lot of things, what errors are yu getting?

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

I have already attached a screen of service studio error in my asked question. I am attaching the screen short of the application as well here . Please find it in the attachment .



Hi Pranav,

I indeed didn't see the screen shot. Did you also try to reach Service Center? If you can reach Service Center, can you check the Environment Health?

Hi Kilian,

No, I am not able to reach the service center as well. Getting the same error

"there was an error processing your request .please try again later."

Hi Pranav,

Multiple people are reporting this (for instance, https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/49746/there-was-an-error-processing-your-request-please-try-again-later/), so it looks like an infrastructure issue. Your best bet will most likely be to contact Outsystems support.


Are there any news about this problem? I'm having it as well. I had sent sent a support case a few days ago but haven't received an answer yet. I can't continue with the tutorials :(

Hi Víctor Huang,

I too raised a support ticket for this issue then. I checked day before yesterday and its fixed for me now.

But I have not received any updates from the support team.

The only news I got is that there are known problems with some PEs, and there's a team from OS working to fix them.