Profile Settings Edit Page - Twitter URL Error

When trying to update my profile, any section of it, I keep getting the following error regarding the twitter URL, which is actually valid. Please help out?

Hey Hanno

There seems to be some sort of validation going on. If its Client side, you might need to check the Type of the input field (ie URL). Also try removing any Caps in you input.

If its server side validation, we would need to have a look at the server action. How are you validating the URL? Are you using the Twitter Connector?

Thank you, Ossama. This is actually on the OutSystems Profile page, not my own system. Nothing I can do about the validation.


I see.

You need to add 'www' to the URL. i.e.


Thank you, Ossama. It does solve the runtime issue, but the URL without the "www" is also valid.

Happy to help :)

Yep that's true but it seems that the validation on that field doesn't allow it for some reason. 

Despite that error presenting, it seems to have updated the other fields though.

Thanks for the heads-up, it's been reported to OutSystems.

Thank you, Killian.