Is it possible within an Edit result table of a self-complete request with data from a REST request? Why I researched this option is available when the data is in a physical Outsystems table, if you have had as someone would have an example to make available?

Thank you very much in advance.

Att. Ricardo Tavares


É possível dentro de uma Editar tabela de resultados de uma requisição auto-completa com dados de uma requisição REST? Por que pesquisei esta opção está disponível quando os dados estão em uma tabela física do Outsystems, caso tenha tido como alguém teria um exemplo para disponibilizar?

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Att. Ricardo Tavares

Hi Ricardo Tavares,

I think so, maybe you want to try the following steps:

1. Go to the Logic tab, make sure you have the REST service API you want to consume available.

2. Create a server action of type function, to wrap your REST service (with an output type list).

3. Go To the Interface tab, on your editable table screen, select the Combo Box widget, on property Source Record List, select your user action in corresponding folder. 

4. Set the property variable to hold the corresponding identifier of the selected record.

Let us know if this works on you case.



Hello good afternoon,

I was unable to use the editable component, but I was able to do otherwise using a form with a listrecords, so the user fills in the form fields and using a button saves the data in the listrecords. In this way he answered me initially.

Thank you for your help.


Ricardo Tavares