Login Sync Data in Mobile

Hello, i want to sync all my data right after the login, for that i create actions that sync individually all my entities like i show in image below.

how can i now make all of them happen in just one action to execute on server data sync?? 

Help me pls

Hi Gonçalo,

You trigger the offline data sync by calling the "TriggerOfflineDataSync" Action that's in the OfflineDataSync folder. It is created for you when you create a new Mobile Module. In the end, the system will call the OfflineDataSync, passing the "SyncUnit" if you specified one with the trigger Action. Inside the OfflineDataSync Action, you call the Actions to do the syncing, if you want a more fine-grained syncing use the SyncUnit to decide which Actions to call.

However, typically you need to gather information from the Local Storage in order to sync any changes back to the server. So you will first want to call Local Actions (as opposed to the Server Actions you created) that gather the data, and then call Server Actions passing any information along.

Also note you only would want to sync when online, so don't forget to check for that (using GetNetworkStatus from MobilePatterns).