Combine search criteria before firing SAP functions

Hi all

Im new to Outsystems and i am designing an application that uses multiple SAP Bapi's to get information.

F.I i want to get a combination of Contract, Invoices and locations 

What would be that best way to handle this  :

1. Gather all the different search criteria and put it in a table and then call a server action  that   gathers all the data and put it in serveral resulttables

2. Create a server action for every single entity and then combine the resultables in a join.

I hope you understand my question.

Thanks in advance

Huub Keulartz


I think that to maintain the maximum flexibility the best way is match each BAPI with an action. So it does not depend on the entity/ies being used but on the BAPI's you have. 



Thanks for you rapid response Graça!

I was thinking in that direction too.

Thanks again