Formatting for IE as opposed to Chrome

I am using the Full Calendar 2 from the Forge and some of the formatting seems to come out fine in Chrome, but IE seems to mess with it and I was hoping for some help in regards to fixing things as the majority of my users are using IE and cannot access other browsers.

In Chrome the resource list shows each day in a small slot with the initial for the day and the date - this is exactly what I want it to do. However in IE it seems intent on putting the full date and time up, meaning the scrolling required is endless. See attachment.

Any suggestions?

Hi Matt,

You will get the best results if you post your question on the specific forge component that you have questions about (Full Calendar 2 in your case) . Posting it there notifies the creator(s) behind the component that someone is asking a question. When you do , please make sure to give full version information on your browser. IE specifically has lots of differences between versions.