How to use third party control in an outsystems module


Currently I am evaluating Outsystems to use it or not for my project. I want to find out if a way to use any third party control in the outsystems, as a reusable component/module. 

For example:

How to create a module in Service studio, having a web block having a normal HTML button in it(not outsystems  button widget). Is this possible? If yes how to achieve this. 

(in future this html button can be replaced with any third party component)


Hi Santosh,

This is not the way OutSystems works, so no, this is not easily possible and you shouldn't try it. Of course, you can integrate specific 3rd party widgets if you have some knowledge of JavaScript, but in general, especially when you are evaluating the Platform, try to stay as close as possible to the low-code, out-of-the-box philosophy of OutSystems.

Hi Santosh,

I'm worried about what it is exactly that you want to integrate. If it's third-party software, it would be much nicer to integrate it through the back end/API's. If it's a simple variation on a button, a slider, a color picker or similar, by all means - grab a tutorial and put it in an Expression if you can't find a similar component in the Forge.