Preview of attached files in Outsystems

Good Morning,

I wonder if in Outsystems there is some component or option for previewing attached files from a REST request. In our case these attachments are coming in binary form. Outsystems would have to convert them and make it available for the user to click and view. This process is similar to the one developed by google made available in Gmail.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Ricardo Tavares


Hi Ricardo,

Letting the user download the attachments is of course no problem, you can use the Download Statement for that. If you actually want a preview, I'd suggest you searche the Forge to see if there are any components that suite your needs.


Boa Tarde Kilian, 

encontrei o seguinte componente no Forge (Web Previewer), sem atende 100% conforme minhas necessidades.

Graças pela dica.


Ricardo Tavares