Hi All,

I have many records in table with status 'Approved', 'Cancelled', 'Denied'. Filled combo box with these values and added extra label as ALL to retrieve all records (Approved, Deined and Cancelled)

can you please suggest me how to fetch to table records when i select ALL from combo box?

I am adding this combo under search box detailed page.

Thanks in advance

I think you need to set the value of the "ALL" option to 0 or -1

Then on your advance query, if the selected value is 0 or -1 you will not add filtering or where clause to filter the records by status.

Hi Phani and Jovvy,

Jovvy, your idea is correct, although the devil is in the details for this one.

For fully detailed instructions, you can see an example of how to achieve that in the online training exercise (section on Enhance filter functionality in the Movies Screen). If you haven't gone through the Developing OutSystems Web Applications online training I strongly recommend you follow it from the beginning til the end before developing full-fledged projects.

Hope this helps

Hi Phani M,

I'm assuming statuses reside in a Static Entity as this is the easiest approach here and status attribute of your record named StatusId.

In this case you currently have something like "Table.StatusId = Filter.StatusId" in your aggregate.

What you need here is to extend that filter to be similar to the following "Filter.StatusId = NullIdentifier() or Table.StatusId = Filter.StatusId".

Why is that. Usually those "All" extra values are added as special values and according to combobox documentation the value of associated variable will always be NullIdentifier() when a special option is selected.

Hope that helps!

PS: Of course you could add your filter as a special list, in this case your approach should be a bit different but the main idea is the same.