Form tag got deleted by Outsystems at compile time?


I was trying to create a custom design that requires a form tag, it requires me to use the form tag because we are using a custom theme a material theme not created by Outsystems Labs.

So, my first approach is:

  1. Put a container in a web block
  2. Add a property called OSTagName or osTagName
  3. Set its value to form

But when viewing the elements using developer tools, the tag does not exist

My second approach is using an expression.

  1. Put an expression
  2. I added this content 
    "<form class=""navbar-search"" role=""search"">"

  3. I also set the escape content to false.

  4. I even added a closing tag for form element using an expression.

But I got the same result with approach 1.

Using the Form widget of Outsystems will not work for me because it will just create a div with a data attribute of form, I really need that form tag element and nothing more.

If you encountered this issue please help me out. =D

Jovvy, the form element is probably in the page source code, but browsers do not allow you to nest <form> tags. The browser might simply be ignoring the nested <form> tag.

Can you change your theme so that it doesn't style a tag name, but a class name instead?