Require information about updates in version O11

Hi Team

Need below information on an urgent basis as my team is planning to upgrade the outsystems version from 10 to 11:-

1.)New features that are added in outsystems 11

2.)Features that were available in O10 but got decomissioned in O11

This information is critical to us.Kindly help.

Whats new : (simple google search)

Outsystems never really decommissions things from one version to another, most of the times they just rename the action to Deprecated_ to mark it will be deleted in a future version. They have extensive knowledge of the usage of stuff because they keep track of apps of their customers. So when stuff is widely used they wont just dump it in a version :-) 

To check if things will really break one version to another just do a docs search and a search in your application landscape for actions with the Deprecated_ name ..