"Server Error '/' in Application " Error shows in the browser after Publishing

Platform Version- 11.0.506.0

Varada rajan wrote:

Platform Version- 11.0.506.0

Hi Varada,

Please check this URL content "HomeScreen.aspx" is in your application this page available or not.

Because this error comes when resource  are not prensent or not find in same location.



Hi Rahul Sahu,

   I am beginner for the platform. Kindly could you share the ways to resolve from this error.

Hi Varada,

In your outsystem application have a one section "MainFlow"

in this section please check "HomeScreen" page available or not. if not then create or else try to set other page as home page.

Double click on MainFlow Section  and check -

also you can attached oml for more help.

Kind Regard

Rahul Sahu