Personally I nothing against the Robot Jet... but became annoying to be inquired several times with the same questions.... 

Can't we turn off it!


I already complained about it to OutSystems, let's hope they do something about this annoyance. It's Clippy all over again :).

Ha ha clippy that was my thought too.

I suggest them that if you implement a bot then at least make it smart (AI) so it knows its audience. Someone just registered as OutSystems developer on the community should get different content, than someone working longer period already with OutSystems. Also it could tune it's content if somebody comes to the community side after a long period. There so many possibilities to make this useful, that they clearly missed the boat with this bot.

Exactly my thoughts :)

At least could be nice if we can answer that we don't have any question ... for the next month...!!

Keep going on ....and going...

Alberto, Jet just wants you to let her know :). Joking aside, I've had word from OS that they will fix it in a few days - apparently the only person to be able to fix this has a short holiday...

Thanks Kilian, we can live with it some more days. :)

It's been more than a few days, but the problem should be solved. Log out + in, click Jet, then dismiss the messages (click the X), and you should only see a text balloon:

Thats it!. But next time you log in it appears again :(

Not with me. In fact, even the speech balloon doesn't appear anymore. Did you dismiss the messages by expanding them, then clicking the "X"?

EDIT: after a while, the speech balloon appears again. But not Jet herself.