Hello everyone,

(Web App)
I´m having a trouble in converting the default dateTime to a specific format of dateTime.

I want to turn the actual format 1900-01-01 00:00:00 in the format 19000101T000000Z

How can i solve this?

Thank you in advance

Hi Ines,

If it is just a mask you want, you could try using this forge component:


If you want the actual value to look like that, you could always custom treat it with:

DateTimeToText() and then just treat it like a text with text functions.

Best Regards,
Jose Torrao



If you just want to convert it you can use the following expression the target variable needs to be of type Text:

FormatDateTime(MyDateTime,"yyyMMdd")+"T"+FormatDateTime(MyDateTime, "HHmmss")+"Z"




Thanks for the help!

I followed your advice and it works perfectly!

Best Regards