Not able to see 'Done' button on keypad on iOS device


We have a screen where there are no. of fields placed vertically(as shown in Screenshot 1). When user clicks on any of the fields the keypad overlaps the button that are placed at the bottom of the screen (please refer to Screenshot 2). 

Earlier we used to see a 'Done' button over the keypad which allowed us to close the keypad (Please refer to Screenshot 3).  Even the production build does show the 'Done' button over the keypad.

But in latest development builds we are are not able to see the 'Done' button, all we have to do is click on any part of the screen apart from the keypad. 

Can anyone please help us in this regards.


Shreyas Bhondve

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Some questions that would be helpful in getting your answer:

  • What versions of OutSystems (platform and Service Studio) are you running?
  • Is this a Web app running in mobile browser, or a Mobile app?
  • Which UI framework (SilkUI or OutSystems UI) are you using?
  • Can you share a simple repro as an OML to assist in understanding your issue?

Also, have you tried in development reverting to the version of the app that is currently running in production? If so, are you still seeing the issues?

Any differences in the device(s) used for testing?