Hi Team

I am working on an application and in that there is a survey tab.When adding comments and/or views a received survey it auto saves the survey without clicking on Save, this should not be the case

I want the information to be saved on clicking on save or submit button.

Could you please help?

Hi Divya,

It happens when button property set IsDefault yes. when user click on enter button data saved automatically becase whole form render.

Just changed button property set IsDefault no.

Hope this will help.

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Save and submit buttons are working fine.The problem is that on the application if I am clicking on any tab, the answers of the survey are getting auto saved without clicking on save or submit.  

Hi Divya,

First of all, it would be good to understand if you're developing a Web or a Mobile app, and what version of OutSystems: helps narrow down the focus and potentially weed out some well-known bugs/features of certain specific versions. Second, knowing what UI framework are you using (if any) is also quite useful (Silk UI, OutSystems UI, or for instance another Tabs component) and what version of it you have installed.

Regarding directly your problem: What do you mean "auto-save"? does its data get persisted to the database? If so, you are somehow explicitly calling your own saving logic, check what you are doing in OnChange handlers of your inputs, for instance. If it only means data stays in the form even if you switch tabs, that typically happens because you are still in the context of the same screen, and form data is not reset just because you switch tabs (Form data will only reset if you navigate to the same screen, or if you explicitly reset values in the Form's Record property).

Hope this helps