Have you ever heard about NewSQL ?

Hey guys,

Have you ever heard about NewSQL ?

How do you see it in the OutSystems world ?



Yet another SQL?! 

It's based on cross database library LDBC, which is nothing but JDBC driver.

So, OutSystems should be able to connect like other SQLs. 

Was the question more towards perspective or usage? Maybe, I was not clear.

Nelson Freitas wrote:

Hey guys,

Have you ever heard about NewSQL?

How do you see it in the OutSystems world?



I heard about NewSQL. But Outsystems does not support it directly as a Database. 

Hello Nelson

What you mean about NewSQL. A new widget to make queries? 



I mean this.

What do you think about using this SQL? 

I’m researching for a feature that will create custom fields unlimited, like SalesForce does (in this case limited to 800 fields). And checking which would be the best option, SQL, NOSQL, and now I saw this NEWSQL.

Think about escalation, performance, etc.

Do you have any experience with this?

Thank you,


Thanks Nelson for your clear answer. 

Hi Nelson,

I wouldn't use NewSql for now since is still in brainstorm phase.

I worked in a projected that did what you are trying to accomplish. We used both SQL and NoSql. The performance of NoSql is a bit worse but that can be because sql is on Outsystems dB server and the NoSql is a third party warehouse. And this solution trades of the dynamic nature of tables for being way less performance. We use data grid component for this dynamic tables which have the problem of having pagination done on client side.