We are not able to succesfully publish our DEV Environment on an On Premise Installation. At the beginning, we where experiencing reference issues between our modules, so, we decided to publish the whole components set from a Solution on Service Center but, unfortunately, we are not able to make it work. We are getting the following error:

"Missing Service Studio", "Unable to collect version information from Service Studio. Upgrade was unable to Proceed. Please upgrade the eSpace with your local Service Studio or Request help from your Outsystems Administrator"

The thing is that we are facing this issue with eSpaces that are part of Systems Components (such as RichWidgets), so, we cannot publish them from Service Studio.

Please help.


Maybe it's better to contact OutSystems Support instead of posting here.

Thanks Nuno.

This was fixed by adding a Version to the Solution. 

If no version is added to solution it will display  "Unable to collect version information from Service Studio" when trying to publish.  

After adding this solution was able to publish.