Styling in Service Studio v11

Just started using Service Studio v11 with the personal environment.   Please confirm:  I should avoid Silk UI and stick with the patterns provided in the OutSystems Web UI Framework?  

Hi Steve,

I would definitly advice to use OutSystems Web UI for all new development.

It is a major improvement over SilkUI.

Note that for mobile the framework is just renamed, functionallity is equal. So yeah for web and mobile stick to OutSystems UI.

If you have production applications using SilkUI, I would prefer to make a cost/beneifit analysis before converting them. Both frameworks can be used in the same environment, just not in the same application.



Thank you Daniel -    in version 11 of Studio, I'm trying to understand where Theme/Styles get set. 

In Studio, after "New Application', and 'Web App' selected, I see 'Pick a template'.  I see Site Menu, Top Menu and "Get more..."   is there any reason to go into "Get more.." to pick a different theme?  My goal is to see several different themes and pick what I like the most.  

  If I just pick top menu, then create Web Responsive module, then create New Screen ,, create an empty screen, I can see under Themes that I can select a Base Theme, but ... I don't get how to get different themes to choose from.  All I see is Base Theme and Email.

Is this best starting point in documenation for theme set up?