PopUp editor not working on link widget which are being disabled on some conditions

Hi Team,

While doing one of my exercise I am facing quite a bit same problem & getting error like "Popup link id must be the id of a Link or Button Widget with Method Navigate".

But the scenario is little different.

Scenario : I am binding table records in my screen & the 1st column is having link which is conditionally being enabled/disabled . On click of link , I am trying to open an popup editor . But it is working fine for the link which is enabled , but giving the above highlighted error for the link which are disabled.

Please suggest the best way to handle this scenario.

Please find the screenshot for the same.


Hello Dishant, 

It appears that the popup link id is not generated based on your condition, hence this error. 

Can you try to have an if else condition where in the true branch have the link & popup and in the false branch just have the data (no link & popup).  This should fix your problem. 

Hope this helps !!! 

Hi Amal,

Thanks for quick support .

I tried the steps suggested by you & it worked for me .

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