how to style some lines in one column in table records

I need a way to style some lines (in one column ) of a table records after using an AJAX REFRESH. There will be a save button that will check which lines are not completely filled, and in this way should only apply the specific style (which is already done) for those which need to show up clearly to be filled (input text). 

You can make 2 containers and put under a condition, 1 with the specific style, and 1 with style when the cell is not filled. The condition is to check whether cell is filled or not.

Hi Jorge,

I couldn't understand what exactly was your problem? If it's a matter of deciding when to apply or not a style, you can use an Extended Property "class" attribute and assign to it an expression that includes an If statement to either add a class or not. The "class" attribute is expecting a string with class names separated by spaces. 

Hi Jorge,

First define the css for the row background color.

Then find the column cell and apply conditional css on the cell's id.

Below is the example which I used for row conditional colouring. This will give hint to apply.


You may also use jQuery to colour any particular row of a table.