I'm having trouble with sending an email in a mobile app, I've searched in the forum and many people also have this same problem.

The solutions presented by others in community is to start a web application, make a method that send the email, and then import the same for my mobile app. I tried but .. 

I already have one web application, that uses the same database of my mobile app and in the web app I menage to send these emails.

I would like to know if someone knows how to do that, and if it does, make a simple tutorial for me and others who might have the same issue.

I know its a lot to ask, but I'm a beginner developer and I don't understand all the concepts and some explanations that I found here. So if someone have the time to help me with this I would really appreciate!!

Thank you all. 


Hi Joao Tiburcio,

Maybe you want to see the example available in forge, by Vera Tiago:


You need to have:

  • mobile app - and a call to an action defined in a web app
  • web app - the action that calls the email widget

Hope it helps!


Thank you, Worked !!!

Nice to know! Good luck Joao Tiburcio