I am currently developing an application of issuing notice. So I want to have this offline functionality where if I were to have no internet connection I want to save the data(I have created an entity for this) on some cache etc. and after internet comes I want to push that data into table.

How can I develop this capability both in mobile app and Web app?


Hi Shubham,

First of all offline capabillity is only available in OutSystems mobile app.

  1. So you would make a mobile application where you allow the user to add / edit records to the local entity.
  2. Then you create a backend application with a server version of your local entity
  3. You implement a sync pattern to sync the local entities changes on when your mobile device is connected to the internet.

I suggest you follow the guided path mobile app developer, which basically covers all these topics. You will develop a ToDo application, the todo items are stored locally and synced back to the server so that on server you can also build functionality on the todo lists.





In addition to what Daniël wrote, here's the official documentation on offline data synchronisation. Also check out the other topics, from the lefthandside menu.