Google Maps Mobile Info Window

I am using the Google Maps Mobile plugin with OutSystems Mobile to try and generate an info window on a custom marker once it has been clicked.

 I’ve been using the post below for guidance but have encountered a few problems:

  • So far I can get it to recognise when a maker has been clicked using the on click event. However, when generating an info window my app throws an error (message reads “Cannot read property 'gmap' of undefined”).

Is anyone able to provide an overview of how to generate an info window or even an example oml?




Hi Callum,

What do you want to achieve? Do you want the info window to show above the marker, and do you want to allow multiple windows if you click more than one marker? Or do you want a single info window on a fixed position on the screen?

Also, can you share a Module that shows your current code? It's difficult to see what's wrong from merely a description.

Is this already solved? I am currently encountering this kind of error but with gMarker. I am also using Google Maps Mobile 

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