About fixed ID of button widget

I'm using version 11 of outsystems.
The following settings have been made to the button widget properties




I checked the source and the ID is not fixed.

Please tell me how to fix the ID.

Hi Kato Shin,

There is no way to assign a static "id" attribute to an OutSystems-generated HTML element. The Ids are automagically assigned by the platform based on the Name property of the widget (along with hierarchy and a few other things).

What exactly are you trying to achieve? You can assign one or more classes to your button, and that will not be overridden by the platform. You can access the dynamically generated Id at runtime (all named Widgets have a runtime property called Id that you can use - to inject in JavaScript, for instance).

Hope this helps!

Jorge Martins,

Thank you for your reply.

The automated test tool I use handles by specifying ID or Name.

A fixed ID is required to set up a test when the button is pressed.

In the Input widget etc., fixing of ID succeeded by the setting of "ExtendedProperties".

I did not work well if I did the same thing with the button widget.

You can try setting the "name" ExtendedProperty, that one shouldn't be overridden by the platform.

And also, the "id" ExtendedProperty is only manipulated by the platform when you assign a Name to a Widget.


We use Tosca for test automation at some customer projects.

We use custom attributes as extended properties, with meaningful name like "Test_CountrySelect" this way the attributes are easily ide tidied through the prefix. Given them useful names also makes test scripts rmore readable.

On lists, table records, list records, etc we add as suffix the current record count.